Welcome to The Chateau

Chateau Madame stands high on a hillside looking down and across a valley once lorded over by this 12th century Baronnie. Witness and party to the Hundred Years War, she is now a sleeping giant - once of peace and tranquility.

Set in the quiet countryside, Chateau Madame is central to and minutes away from all the remarkable places and adventures that we come to the Dordogne and the Perigord Noir for.

Explore the magnificent landscape and medieval surroundings, transporting you to a another century.
Chateau Madame is minutes away from such places as Castelnaud: Beynac, the one-time stronghold of Richard the Lionheart: the medieval town of Sarlat: the bastide town Domme; and a seemingly unending list of places and remarkable experiences.

The Dordogne is one of the world centers of prehistory and it records Europe’s earliest art treasures.
At Les Eyzies, 10 minutes away, you will find the magnificent newly constructed National Museum of Prehistory, the cave paintings at Font de Gaume and the site of the Cro-Magnon man.

Directly below the chateau is a wonderful vegetable farm. You can walk down and get your vegetables freshly picked from these lovely people. Their colorful fields are visible from the chateau, but not their greenhouses.

When you arrive you will turn up the long grassy drive and traverse the hillside until you are facing the chateau, its terrace, and French doors leading into the kitchen. A massive wisteria clings to the chateau.

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Your Time at Chateau Madame


Easily accessible by car, both by major roads and scenic routes. The Chateau is a 5 minute drive from the train station and a 40 minute drive from the airport.


Chateau Madame is only minutes away from famous castles, rivers, caves, and other historic sites in South-Western France as well as local markets and festivals.

Starry Nights

The perigord region of France is one of the most beautiful locations with one of the clearest night skies in all of Europe.

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Inside The Chateau

Chateau Walkthrough

Enter through the French doors. Overhead are huge hewn beams as in all the rooms. The kitchen is fully equipped, including dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, electric kettle, gas four-burner stove.

From the kitchen, pass to the dining room. A huge fireplace, high beamed ceiling and stone walls the color of champagne greet you. Light pours in from the facing view of the valley onto the warm chestnut floors.

From the dining room, pass to the stone stair hall. One of our favorite parts of Chateau Madame, it ascends to the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Pass now to the living room, whose chestnut floors, huge fireplace and dimensions nearly duplicate that of the dining room. The furniture is decidedly comfortable as is the atmosphere. It is a place to relax with friends and family after a day of adventure or to just read a good book.

Pass out of the living room and up five steps to the 1st floor bedroom. A carved double bed faces a window view of the valley. The stone fireplace stands against the high peaked ceiling. An interesting feature is the lower portion of one of the towers, which now functions as this sleeping chamber.

Pass through the 1st floor bedroom into the bathroom. Without any question, this ensuite bathroom is the most incongruous part of Chateau Madame. Created during the 1960s - with a sunken tub! Walls, floor, and yes, the ceiling, are all beautiful crimson-red tiles. Dazzling! The washer and dryer are also located here.

Pass again through the 1st floor bedroom and you will find a small room with spiral stairway leading up to the tower and tower bedroom. A great place to be banished to, it has a single bed and the best views at Chateau Madame and the swimming pool. Through its own door, the tower room shares the crimson bathroom with the 1st floor bedroom.

Opposite the bed is a massive fireplace. The room is large and duplicates the size of the dining room below. The master bathroom, also very large, has a tub, free standing shower, toilet and sink. A casement window looks out over the distant hills and valley.

A beautifully carved stone fireplace stands adjacent to the bed with its warm red bed hangings. From there you will look out the tall windows across to the hills on the other side of the valley. The bathroom is located in the Watch Tower. The windows, once used by lookouts, were designed for these commanding views. Included are a tub/shower, toilet, and sink.

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The Chateau has been meticulously restored with an eye towards preserving her original detail and personality.

Modern comforts and amenities have been subtly woven into her fabric, including a swimming pool, allowing the original Chateau to remain at center stage.


Huge fireplaces, high ceilings, stone and chestnut floors, with exquisite furniture as well as fine art.

Lovingly Restored

The Chateau has been lovingly restored to its former glory while seamlessly integrating modern conveniences, such as updated kitchen and bathrooms.

One For All

Suitable for families, couples and friends. Chateau Madame is the ideal place to celebrate special occasions and spend quality time together.


Write Your Own History

Just relax or have an adventure.

complete package

Everything you need in one place for comfortable stay can be found here at Chateau Madame.

Infinite posibilities

Come home to the Chateau after a day of kayaking, hiking, golf, swimming or simply exploring the local markets and festivals.

Make memories

The Chateau provides the setting for an unforgettable experience.